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Painting Index (A to Z)

Listed below is an index of all Thomas Kinkade paintings that are featured on our website sorted alphabetically. Click on the titles below to learn more about a specific painting and view the artwork notes.

101 Dalmatians
75 Years of NASCAR®
90 Years of Mickey


A Century of Racing!
A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Story
A Christmas Welcome
A Christmas Wish
A Father's Perfect Day
A Ghoulish Gathering
A Holiday Gathering
A Light in the Storm
A Mother's Perfect Day
A Mother’s Warmth
A New Beginning
A New Day at the Cinderella Castle
A New Day Dawning
A Peaceful Retreat
A Peaceful Time
A Perfect Fall Day
A Perfect Red Rose
A Perfect Summer Day
A Perfect Yellow Rose
A Prayer for Peace
A Quiet Evening
A Reindeer’s Finery
A Son's Destiny
A Summer's Morning
A Trusted Friend, Blue Bell
A Trusted Friend, Rose Bud
A Tuscan View
A Victorian Christmas Carol
A View from Cannery Row, Monterey
A Walk Down Autumn Lane
A Winter Retreat
A Winter's Cottage
A Winter's Stroll
A Winter’s Calm
Abundant Harvest
Acorn Aficionado
Afternoon at Argenteuil
Afternoon by the River Seine
Afternoon Light, Dogwood
Aladdin - Celebration in Agrabah
All Aboard for Christmas
Almost Heaven
Almost Heaven - Limited Edition SP 24x30
Along the Coast
Amalfi Coast
America's Pride
Amsterdam Café
An Evening of Romance
An Evening Out
Antigua Sunset, Guatemala
Atlanta Premiere 1939
Autumn at Apple Hill
Autumn at Ashley's Cottage
Autumn in New York
Autumn Lane
Autumn Memories
Autumn Mist
Autumn Morning
Autumn on Mackinac Island
Autumn Snacks
Autumn Snow
Awaiting My Love, Rio Maggiore
Away From It All


Badger’s Den
Bambi's First Year
Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman™
Batman™ Gotham City™
Bavarian Beauty
Beachside Gathering
Beacon of Hope
Beauty and the Beast Dancing in the Moonlight
Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love
Beauty And The Beast Finding Love
Beauty and the Beast II
Beginning of a Perfect Day
Belmont Mansion
Beside Still Waters
Beyond Autumn Gate
Beyond Spring Gate
Beyond Summer Gate
Beyond The Farthest Star
Big Sur
Biltmore® in the Fall
Black Bear Bedlam
Black Panther
Blessings of Christmas
Block Island
Bloomsbury Cafe
Blossom Bridge
Blossom Hill Church
Blue Boulevard
Blues on Beale Street, Memphis
Boardwalk Flowers
Boating Day
Boston Celebration
Boston, Lagoon Bridge
Boulevard Lights, Paris
Bountiful Berries
Bow Bridge Blossoms, Central Park
Breakfast Time
Bridge of Faith
Bridge of Hope
Bridge to Bountiful Blessings
Broadway Street, Nashville
Brookside Hideaway
Bryce National Park
By The Dawn’s Early Light: Fort McHenry 1814


Cafe de Paris
Callaway Garden Chapel
Called To Serve
Candlelight Cottage
Cannery Row Sunset
Cape Hatteras Light
Cape May Light
Capitola Sunset
Capitola Village
Captain America - Sentinel of Liberty
Captain Marvel - Dawn of a New Day
Carmel Mission
Carmel, Dolores Street And The Tuck Box Tea Room
Carmel, Ocean Ave II
Carmel, Ocean Avenue on a Rainy Afternoon
Carmel, Sunset on Ocean Avenue
Casino de Monte Carlo
Catalina Marina
Catalina Yacht Club
Catalina, Rosies on the Pier
Catalina, View from Descanso
Catalina, View from Mt. Ada
Cathedral Mountain Lodge
Central Park in the Fall
Chandler's Cottage
Changes of Seasons
Chapel of Reflection
Charleston, S.C.
Charleston, Sunset on Rainbow Row
Chesapeake Sunrise
Chicago Skyline
Chicago, Winter at the Water Tower
Chinatown, San Francisco
Christmas at Biltmore®
Christmas at Lamplight Village
Christmas at The Ahwanee
Christmas Blessings
Christmas Celebration
Christmas Chapel I
Christmas Cottage
Christmas Cottage
Christmas Cottage (Movie Release)
Christmas Eve
Christmas Evening
Christmas Gate
Christmas Homecoming
Christmas in New York
Christmas in Paris
Christmas in Vermont
Christmas Light Express
Christmas Lighthouse
Christmas Lodge
Christmas Memories
Christmas Moonlight
Christmas Snow
Christmas Tree Cottage
Church Bells of Christmas
Church of the Wayfarer
Cinderella Dancing in the Starlight
Cinderella Wishes Upon a Dream
Cinderella's Enchanted Evening
City by the Bay
Clearing Storms
Clock Strikes Midnight
Clocktower Cottage
Cobblestone Bridge
Cobblestone Brooke
Cobblestone Christmas
Cobblestone Evening
Cobblestone Lane
Cobblestone Mill
Cobblestone Village
Collector's Cottage
Colton Hall, Monterey
Coney Island
Conquering the Storms
Costa Azul
Cottage by the Sea
Cottage in the Pines
Country Christmas Homecoming
Country Living
Country Memories
Courageous Voyage
Crater Lake
Creekside Trail


Daniel in the Lion’s Den
Daybreak at Emerald Valley
Days of Peace
Deadpool – Snow Day
Dedicated to Liberty
Deep In The Heart
Deep in the Heart II: Kentucky Bluegrass
Deer Creek Chapel
Deer Creek Cottage
Desert Sunset
Disney - 101 Dalmatians on the Run
Disney - Mickey and Minnie Candy Cane Express
Disney - Mickey and Minnie Christmas Lodge
Disney / Pixar Brave
Disney 100th Celebration
Disney Beauty and the Beast Christmas Celebration
Disney Cinderella Bringing Home the Tree
Disney Cinderella Happily Ever After
Disney Dumbo
Disney Frozen
Disney Frozen Celebration in Arendelle
Disney Geppetto’s Pinocchio
Disney Hercules
Disney Lady And The Tramp Falling In Love
Disney Lilo & Stitch
Disney Little Mermaid Celebration of Love
Disney Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
Disney Maleficent
Disney Mary Poppins Returns
Disney Mickey and Minnie - Sweetheart Bridge
Disney Mickey and Minnie Halloween Fun
Disney Mickey and Minnie in Florida
Disney Mickey and Minnie in Greece
Disney Mickey and Minnie in Italy
Disney Mickey and Minnie in London
Disney Mickey and Minnie in Mexico
Disney Mickey and Minnie in San Francisco
Disney Moana
Disney Peter Pan’s Neverland
Disney Queen of Hearts
Disney Robin Hood
Disney The Evil Queen
Disney The Lion King – Remember Who You Are
Disney The Lion King – Return to Pride Rock
Disney Ursula
Disney's Alice in Wonderland
Disneyland, 50th Anniversary
Disneyland® 60th Anniversary
Do. Or do not. There is no try.
Doctor Strange vs. The Dark Despot
Dogwood Chapel
Dolores Avenue, Carmel
Donald and Daisy - A Duck Day Afternoon
Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City
Downtown Franklin
Dreams Come True
Dusk in the Valley


Easter Sunday
Edinburgh, Scotland
Elegant Evening at Biltmore
Ellis Island
Elvis' Graceland
Emerald Isle Cottage
Emerald Valley
Emerts Cove, Covered Bridge
Entrance to the Manor House
Eternal Springtime
Evening at Autumn Lake
Evening at Merritt's Cottage
Evening at Swanbrooke Cottage
Evening Carolers
Evening Glow
Evening in the Forest
Evening in Vegas
Evening Majesty
Evening on the Avenue
Evening on the Seine
Everett's Cottage


Fall at Fox Creek Bridge
Fall Evening, Paris
Fall in Bavaria
Fenway Park™
Fenway Park™ Study
First Snow
Fisherman's Wharf, Marina
Florence, River Alba
Footprints in the Sand
Fountain of Blessings
Fox Hollow
Foxglove Cottage
Freedom Towers
French Riviera Café
Friendship Cottage
From Sea to Shining Sea
Front Street, Lahaina


Game Day
Garden Manor
Garden Of Eden
Garden of Gethsemane
Garden of Grace
Gardens Beyond Autumn Gate
Gardens Beyond Spring Gate
Gardens of Varenna
Gate of New Beginnings
Gatlinburg Memories
Gatlinburg, Fall at the Village
Gazebo of Prayer
Get Your Kicks On Route 66
Gingerbread Cottage
Give My Regards to Broadway
Glory of Evening
Glory of Morning
Glory of Winter
Gone With The Wind
Graceland Christmas
Graceland®, 50th Anniversary
Great North
Guardian Castle


Hall of Justice
Halloween at Horror Harbor
Hank's Honky Tonk
Harry Potter™ Diagon Alley™
Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Express™
Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Castle
Heading Home
Heather's Hutch
Heiligen Blut
Hidden Arbor
Hidden Cottage
Hidden Cottage II
Hidden Gazebo
Hidden Nest
High Country Christmas
High Country Wilderness
Holiday at Central Park
Holidays in New York
Hollyhock House
Home for Christmas
Home for the Evening
Home for the Holidays
Home Is Where the Heart Is
Home is Where the Heart is II
Homecoming Hero
Homestead House
Hometown Afternoon
Hometown Bridge
Hometown Chapel
Hometown Christmas
Hometown Christmas Memories
Hometown Evening
Hometown Firehouse
Hometown Lake
Hometown Memories
Hometown Morning
Hometown Pride
Hotel Del Coronado
Humming Along
Hummingbird Cottage


Ice Age
Impressions Of Graceland®
Independence Hall
Indianapolis Motor Speedway® 100th Anniversary Study
Indy Excitement®
Iron Man
Island Afternoon, Greece
It Doesn't Get Much Better
Italian Cafe


Jackson Square, New Orleans
Jackson Street, Cape May
Jasmine - Dancing In The Desert Sunset
Jerusalem Sunset
Joys of Christmas
Julianne's Cottage
Justice League Showdown At Gotham City Pier


Key West
Knock Wood


La Jolla Cove
Lady and the Tramp
Lake Arrowhead
Lake Tahoe Shoreline, Winter
Lakeside Hideaway
Lakeside Manor
Lakeside Splendor
Lakeside Stroll
Lamplight Bridge
Lamplight Brooke
Lamplight Inn
Lamplight Lane
Lamplight Manor
Lamplight Village
Land of the Brave
Last Night on the Grand Canal
Late Afternoon on the Farm
Le Paris Cafe
Liberty Lane Cottage
Liberty Plaza, Philadelphia
Lights on Positano
Lilac Bouquet
Lilac Cottage
Lilac Gazebo
Lingering Dusk
Little Mermaid - Part Of Your World
Little Mermaid Falling In Love
Living Waters
London at Sunset
Looney Tunes™ - Backlot Shenanigans
Los Gatos
Lovelight Cottage
Luxembourg Gardens


Main Street, U.S.A.® Walt Disney World® Resort
Maine's Light
Make a Wish Cottage
Maui Gardens
Meadow Gatherings
Meadow Paradise
Memories of Christmas
Memphis Rolling on the River
Merry Christmas to All
Mickey & Minnie in Hawaii
Mickey & Minnie in Hollywood
Mickey & Minnie In Ireland
Mickey & Minnie In Paris
Mickey & Minnie In The Alps
Mickey & Minnie In The Outback
Mickey And Friends Exploring The Jungle
Mickey And Friends In Paris
Mickey And Friends Skating In Central Park
Mickey And Minnie - Lighthouse Cove
Mickey and Minnie - Sweetheart Café
Mickey and Minnie - Sweetheart Campfire
Mickey and Minnie - Sweetheart Central Park
Mickey and Minnie – Sweetheart Cove
Mickey and Minnie – Sweetheart Holiday
Mickey and Minnie Evening Sleigh Ride
Mickey’s Victorian Christmas
Midnight Delivery
Minnie Rocks the Dots On Rodeo Drive
Misty Morning Blossoms, Central Park
Monterey Marina
Moon Over Eltz Castle
Moon Over Gatlinburg
Moon Over Lombard
Moonlight Cottage
Moonlight Lane
Moonlight over Manhattan
Moonlit Sleigh Ride
Moonlit Village
Morgan Hill
Morning at Nice
Morning Creek
Morning Dogwood
Morning Glory Cottage
Morning Light
Morning Light Lake
Morning on the Boulevard
Morning Pledge
Morning Stroll
Morning View, Positano
Morro Bay at Sunset
Mount Arbel
Mount Rainier
Mountain Christmas Chapel
Mountain Majesty
Mountain Mechanics
Mountain Memories
Mountain Mischief
Mountain Paradise
Mountain Retreat
Mulan - Blossoms Of Love
Mulan the Face in the Mirror
Munich Café


Nanette's Cottage
NASCAR Thunder
Nashville Nights on the Riverfront
Nashville Painting the Town
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Nature's Getaway
Nature's Paradise
Never Forget, Twin Towers
New England Harbor
New Horizons
New York City
New York Memories
New York, Fifth Avenue
Newport Harbor
Noah's Ark
Notre Dame
Notre Dame, Paris


Oaklands Mansion
Obi-Wan Kenobi™ - Darkness Has Arrived
Obi-Wan Kenobi™ - Returning to His Past
Obi-Wan Kenobi™ - The Inquisition
Obi-Wan’s™ Final Battle
Oh Holy Night
Old Watchmaker
Olympic Mountain Evening
On the Run
Otterly Ridiculous


Pacific Grove
Pacific Nocturne
Paris Café
Paris Memories
Paris Snowfall
Paris Twilight
Paris, City of Lights
Paris, City of Love
Paris, Eiffel Tower
Paris, St. Michel
Pathway to Paradise
Peaceful Valley Vineyard
Petals of Hope
Petals of Spring, Central Park
Peter Pan Learning to Fly
Piccadilly Circus, London
Piegon Forge Memories
Pike Place Market, Seattle
Pine Cove Cottage
Pinocchio Wishes Upon A Star
Pirates of the Caribbean
Plaza Lights, Kansas City
Poe’s Park
Point Lobos, Carmel
Pools of Serenity
Portofino Splendor
Portofino Sunrise
Portofino Villas
Puerto Vallarta Beach


Radiant Surf
Radio City Music Hall
Radio City Music Hall
Rainbow Row, Charleston
Rainy Day in Carmel
Rainy Dusk, Paris
Rapunzel - Dancing in the Sunlit Courtyard
Red Barn Retreat
Reflections of Belgium
Reflections Of Faith
Reflections of Family
Remember Me
Returning Home
Rey’s™ Awakening
Rey™ of Hope
Roche Harbor
Rock of Salvation
Rockin’ Otters
Romance At The Drive-In
Romance Awakens
Rome, View Of St. Peter's
Rose Garden, Portland
Rose Gate
Rosebud Cottage


Sacred Heart of Paris
Sailing Day
Salt Lake, City of Lights
San Francisco Giants™, It's Our Time
San Francisco, Alcatraz
San Francisco, California Street
San Francisco, Fisherman's Wharf
San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco, Hyde Street and the Bay
San Francisco, Lombard St. Study
San Francisco, Lombard Street
San Francisco, Lombard Street II
San Francisco, Market Street
San Francisco, Moonlit Bay
San Francisco, Powell Street
San Francisco, The Presidio
San Francisco, View from Coit Tower
Santa Checking His List
Santa's Special Delivery
Santa's Workshop
Santa's Workshop
Santa’s Night Before Christmas
Santa’s North Pole
Santa’s Silent Night
Savannah Romance
Savannah, River Street
Screams At The Drive-In
Seaside Cottage
Seaside Haven
Seaside Hideaway
Seaside Umbrellas
Seaside Village
Sedona Cliffs
Selfless Service
September Song
Serenity Chapel
Serenity Cove
Sierra Paradise
Silent Night
Silver and Gold
Simpler Times
Simpler Times II
Skater's Pond
Skating in the Park
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty - The Power of Love
Sleeping Beauty Dancing In The Enchanted Light
Snow Day
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Snow White Dancing in the Sunlight
Snow White Dancing with the Dwarfs
Snow White Discovers the Cottage
Snowman Sanctuary
Snowy Owl
Sound of Music
Southern Charm
Spain, Costa Brava
Spanish Café
Spider-Man and Friends: The Ultimate Alliance
Spider-Man vs. the Sinister Six
Spirit of Christmas
Spirit of Denali
Spirit Of Guadalupe
Spirit of the Grand Canyon
Spirit of the North
Spirit of the Smokies
Spirit Of Yellowstone
Spirit Of Yosemite
Split Rock Light
Spring Blossom
Spring Gate
Spring in the Alps
Spring Meadows
Springtime Harvest
Springtime Memories
St. Michaels Church
St. Nicholas Circle
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Stairway to Paradise
Stanley Creek
Starlight Evening
Starry Night
Stepping Stone Cottage
Steps of Rome
Stillwater Bridge
Stillwater Cottage
Stonehearth Hutch
Stoney Creek Cottage
Storybook Land
Streams of Living Water
Strike Team
Studio in the Garden
Summer Breeze
Summer Breeze
Summer Gate
Summer in Cobblestone Village
Summer in Tuscany
Summer in Vernazza
Summer's Heritage
Summertime Resort
Sunday Afternoon
Sunday at Apple Hill
Sunday Evening
Sunday Evening Sleigh Ride
Sunday Morning Chapel
Sunday Outing
Sunday Stroll
Sunflower Fields
Sunlit Garden
Sunrise Chapel
Sunrise, Sea of Galilee
Sunset at Riverbend Farm
Sunset at Santa Monica Pier
Sunset on Golden Gate Bridge
Sunset on Lamplight Lane
Sunset on Monterey Bay
Sunset on Snowflake Lake
Sunset on the Bay, San Francisco
Sunset over Memphis
Sunset over Riga
Superman - Man of Steel
Superman - Protector of Metropolis
Supernatural Retreat
Sweet Gathering
Sweetheart Cottage
Sweetheart Cottage II
Sweetheart Cottage III
Sweetheart Gazebo
Sweetheart Retreat
Symbols of Freedom


Tangled Up in Love
Teacup Cottage
Terrace View, Bellagio
Thanksgiving In New York
The Aristocats
The Aristocats - Love Under the Moon
The Aspen Chapel
The Autumn Gate
The Avengers
The Battle Of Hoth
The Beach at Nice
The Big Easy
The Blessings of Autumn
The Blessings of Spring
The Blessings of Summer
The Blue Cottage
The Book of Boba Fett™ – A New Beginning
The Book of Boba Fett™ – A New Challenge
The Book of Boba Fett™ – Tusken Raiders™
The Christmas Festival
The Cottage
The Cross
The Dark Knight Saves Gotham City
The Dome Cathedral, Riga, Latvia
The Duel: Rey vs. Ren
The Edge of the Wilderness
The End of a Perfect Day
The End of a Perfect Day II
The End of a Perfect Day III
The Evening Light
The Flash
The Forest Chapel
The Garden of Hope
The Garden of Prayer
The Garden of Promise
The Garden Party
The Garden Tomb
The Gardener's Retreat
The Good Life
The Good Shepherd's Cottage
The Grand Canal
The Grand Canyon
The Guiding Light
The Heart of San Francisco
The Hour of Prayer
The Jungle Book
The Justice League
The Light of Freedom
The Light of Peace
The Lights of Christmastown
The Lights of Liberty
The Lion King
The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid II
The Majesty of Mizzou
The Mandalorian™ - A Force Within
The Mandalorian™ - A New Direction
The Mandalorian™ - Brothers in Arms
The Mandalorian™ - Cold Pursuit
The Mandalorian™ - Getting Schooled
The Mandalorian™ – In Good Hands
The Mandalorian™ - A Welcome Sight
The Mandalorian™ - An Uneasy Alliance
The Mandalorian™ - Connection
The Mandalorian™ - The Escort
The Mandalorian™ - The Marshal
The Mandalorian™ - The Mudhorn™
The Mandalorian™ - The Reckoning
The Mandalorian™ - Turning Point
The Mandalorian™ - Two for the Road
The Mandalorian™- Child's Play
The Miller's Cottage, Thomashire
The Mountain Chapel
The Mountains Declare His Glory
The Nativity
The Night Before Christmas
The Old Fishin' Hole
The Old Mission, Santa Barbara
The Open Gate
The Open Gate, Sussex
The Palace, Westminster
The Polar Express
The Power and The Majesty
The Prince of Peace
The Princess and the Frog
The Pumpkin Festival
The River Queen
The River Seine
The Riverbank
The Rose Arbor Cottage
The Rose Garden
The Sea of Tranquility
The Season of Giving
The Spirit of New York
The Three Wisemen
The Valley of Peace
The Vatican
The Victorian Garden
The Village Lighthouse
The Wailing Wall, Jerusalem
The Warmth of Home
The Water Tower, Chicago
The Wind of the Spirit
The Women of DC
This is Talladega
Thriller At The Drive-In
Thunder in the Mountains
Tiger Jungle
Times Square
Tinker Bell and Peter Pan Fly to Neverland
Tower Bridge, London
Tower Bridge, London
Tower of David
Trevi Fountain, Rome
Tuck Box Tea Room, Carmel
Tuscan Sunset
Tuscan Village Fountain
Twilight Cottage
Twilight Vista


Valley Chapel
Varenna, Mio Amor
Vatican Sunset
Venetian Café
Venetian Sunrise
Venice Canal
Venice Romance
Venice, Ageless Beauty
Vera And Friends
Vernazza Sunset
Via Casino
Via Dolorosa
Via le Romance, Paris
Victorian Autumn
Victorian Christmas
Victorian Christmas II
Victorian Christmas III
Victorian Christmas IV
Victorian Christmas Sunset
Victorian Evening
Victorian Garden II
Victorian Light
Villa Balbianello, Lake Como
Village Christmas
Village Inn
Viva Las Vegas


Wailea Chapel
Walk of Faith
Warming Up
Wayne Manor
We the People
West Rim, Yosemite
Western At The Drive-In
Whispers Of A Hummingbird
Willow Tree Figurines
Willow Wood Chapel
Wine Country Living
Winnie the Pooh - A Heroes Parade
Winnie The Pooh I
Winnie The Pooh II
Winsor Manor
Winter Chapel
Winter Glen
Winter Guard
Winter in Paris
Winter Light
Winter Light Cottage
Winter Red
Winter's Dusk
Winter's End
Wishes Granted
Wisteria Arbor
Wonder Woman - Lasso of Truth
World Series™, American League Champions, Anaheim Angels
World Series™, National League Champions, San Francisco Giants™
Wrigley Field™: Memories and Dreams,




Yankee Stadium™
Yosemite Falls
Yosemite Meadow
You’re My Only Hope


Zion National Park

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