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Robert Finale Biography

Robert Finale painting in his studio

Immerse yourself in the evocative and soul-stirring artistry of Robert Finale. His compelling canvases are born out of an innate talent and intense passion for encapsulating the profound beauty found in both human beings and nature. Finale’s artistry offers viewers a serene enchantment, characterized by his unique style: a vibrant fusion of romantic impressionism intertwined with realistic splendor, mostly set against historical backdrops.

Finale’s paintings allow the viewer to travel to intimate spaces of charming serenity, offering a refuge of pure delight. Intrigued by the complex dance between light and its effect on architecture and its surroundings, Robert, a seasoned traveler, employs his sketches, snaps, and reminiscence as a launchpad, an incitement leading to the inception of each unique masterpiece.

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Finale rose from humble beginnings and adversities, beginning with his departure from communist Cuba at the young age of 2. The trials he encountered in his journey to the United States crystallized the values of perseverance and dedication, igniting his dormant potential to chase his enthusiasm for visual arts.

Five-year-old Robert would incessantly clutch a pencil and a sketchpad, drawing life in a frame, from cinematic episodes to memorable family holidays. His affair with mixing oil and canvas dawned later, as he breathed life into his earlier childhood sketches, nurturing them as a special present to his wife.

Finale’s artistry has since evolved, reaching far corners of the globe, and gracing numerous galleries with his prolific creations. Yet, his first artwork retains a sacred spot in his family abode. Inspired by his mother’s encouragement of his early sketches, each masterpiece he conjures takes the spectators on a wordless expedition, unlocking the gates to freedom and personifying the hopes and dreams that reside deep within us all.

Robert, a gentle man of quiet demeanor, employs his paintings to have wordless conversations with individuals. With rich hues and textures, he’s forged his own artistic lexicon. His artistry, depicted through places and subjects, allows him to delve into the depths of vulnerable emotions that reside in an individual. It’s this evoked sentiment, triggered by viewing his paintings, that constitutes the essence of his communication.

Conscious of the universal language of art, with every final brushstroke, Robert emphasizes that a singular canvas can mirror a multitude of emotions, providing viewers a poignant lens through which they may perceive and understand their life’s journey.

Experience the charismatic charm and profound delight in Robert Finale’s paintings. As you wander through the gallery of his splendid creations, may they uplift your spirit and transport your soul to a sanctuary of tranquility and peace. Robert’s works stand as a beacon of inspiration stirring those who dare to dream the impossible. Enjoy the experience!

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